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Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Michigan transportation facts
Michigan transportation facts

A huge reason why we can't fix our roads is our state legislature. Currently the Republicans have a majority vote in both in the House and Senate. They are never going to let a Democratic Governor take credit for spending enough money to fix and make our roads better. Former Republican Governor Snyder also promised to fix our roads. During his two terms in office there was a clear Republican majority in both chambers of Congress (House and Senate). Why didn't we fix them then? Where does Michigan's taxes that we pay go every year? Here's the article below.

Transportation Reality Check

Myth #4: Ohio’s roads are so much better than Michigan’s. MDOT needs to learn how Ohio does it so they can build better roads.

Reality: There’s no secret to why Ohio’s roads are better than Michigan’s. They spend $1 billion more each year on them.

This one’s not really a myth - Ohio does have better roads. The myth has more to do with why Ohio’s roads are better.

It’s not a lack of know-how, it’s a lack of i


For the past 50 years, Michigan has ranked in the lowest 10 states in the country for investment in roads. In fact, a recent examination of U.S. Census data shows that Michigan invests less in transportation per capita than every other state in America.

Per Capita State Investment in Roads Michigan spends about $154 per person on roads, compared to $214 per capita in Ohio, a difference of $60 per person. That may not sound like a big difference, but it adds up to more than $1 billion more invested in Ohio’s roads each and every year for the past nine years. That’s almost as much as the $1.3 billion additional annual investment in Michigan roads that Gov. Snyder has called for.

A look at some of Michigan’s Great Lakes neighbors yields some even more telling differences. Minnesota invests $275 per capita in roads - $121 more, and Indiana spends $289 per capita - $135 more. Wisconsin s

pends almost twice as much per capita as Michigan does, at $302 per person, and Illinois invests $412 per capita - $258 more per person. Pennsylvania invests $530 per capita, more than three times what Michigan spends.

Ohio’s DOT doesn’t have any secret method for building smoother, longer-lasting roads. They just spend more to get them.

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