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Workers Compensation and Social Security Disability


Injured at Work, Workplace Injuries

Have you recently been injured on the job? Workplace accidents can leave you with debilitating physical and emotional wounds, making it difficult to return to work and earn your wage. For help filing a workers' compensation claim, turn to Andrus Law Firm, PLC in GRAND BLANC, MI.


Your dedicated workers' compensation attorney will look out for your best interests, filing your claim properly and negotiating with your employer's insurance company to get you the highest possible payout.


Call today to speak with your local workers' compensation attorney about your injury.

Social Security disability laws are in place to protect citizens who can no longer work due to a physical impairment. You've been paying into Social Security for decades, shouldn't it pay you back in return? For help submitting a claim, hire an experienced Social Security attorney at Andrus Law Firm, PLC right away.

Our well-respected law firm in Grand Blanc, MI will answer all of your questions regarding Social Security benefits. We'll let you know exactly what you should expect at your hearing and stand by your side every step of the way.

Call now to discuss the details of your claim.


Social Security Disability (SSD)/

Supplemental Security Income (SSI)


Automobile Injuries, No-Fault Insurance

The passage of the Michigan No-Fault Automobile Insurance Act has spawned the creation of a large body of complex law. Clearly, Michigan citizens have very substantial rights under the No-Fault Law. However, it is only when patients and providers have a complete understanding of their legal rights, that they will be assured of receiving all benefits and recovering all damages to which they are legally entitled.


In cases of serious bodily injury, it is always advisable to talk to experienced attorneys who fully understand the Michigan no-fault system and who regularly handle no-fault automobile accident cases. Victims who deal directly with insurance companies without the benefit of competent legal advice, are often short changed. This is one area of law where ignorance can be very costly!

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