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The Andrus Law Firm PLC is a top workers’ compensation attorney with extensive experience serving clients who have recently been injured on the job. From workplace accidents to debilitating physical and emotional wounds, they provide the resources and support needed to get you the highest possible payout and make the difficult transition back to work as seamless as possible.


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Former Insurance Adjuster's Advice On How Not To Make MISTAKES THAT WILL DESTROY Your Workers' Compensation Claim In Michigan

I was a former claims adjuster some time ago.  I’m not proud of that fact.  But I did have some pretty good training and learned a lot about how insurance companies think and act, and it is not always ethical or the right thing to do.  The history of why civilized man created insurance companies was to help one another out in their communities.  Fire insurance was the first insurance.  If everyone chipped in and paid a premium, when you or your neighbor’s house burned down there was a pool of money to rebuild the house.  Unfortunately, that good will is gone, and the name of the game (and it is a game for the insurance companies and the adjusters) is PROFIT.  Insurance companies are the wealthiest businesses in the world, don’t let them fool you. 


But I was smart enough to see after a short period of time that insurance companies do not play far and that a majority of their decisions are based on money.  I did decide shortly after getting into workers’ compensation adjusting that I could help out the injured worker and use the tricks the insurance companies use against them.  I even had one of the insurance companies pay for some of my law school education.  Here are some of the mistakes that the injured workman/workwoman make during the course of their claim and playing into the insurance companies. 

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