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What is the Highest Workers Comp Settlement?

Money from settlement
What is the Highest Workers Comp Settlement?

What is the Highest Workers Comp Settlement? Or How much is the average workers' comp settlement? Based on a national survey (unfortunately it was based on all 50-states and not just Michigan), for injured workers without a lawyer, the survey found the average compensation for a work injury was $18,000. The average workers’ comp compensation was 30% higher for those represented by an attorney. Injured employees with a workers’ comp lawyer received an average of $23,500.

In Michigan, the Workers’ Disability Compensation Agency publishes the average amount of redemptions every year. The average for redemption in 2022 was $62,315.56. This would include those settlements that are nominal (an example is $1,500) to settlements that are over $1,000,000 (cases that are very serious injuries and involve very expensive medical care, such as quadriplegic care.

The average redemptions in Michigan over the last three years are as follows:

2022 $62,315.56

2021 $63,313.86

2020 $59,235.42

After Your Settlement:

  • You will not have to see the insurance company doctors periodically

  • There will be no more surveillance

  • You will not have to deal with the claims adjuster

  • No more wasted time on trying to find out when your check is coming

  • No more time wasted trying to get doctors appointments or medications authorized

  • You can go back to work again, except the employer your settled with

Why Choose Andrus Law?

  • No fee unless we win your case

  • All appointments are FREE

  • $1,000,000’s recovered in benefits

  • Workers’ Compensation is our focus

  • Over 35-years of experience

  • Personal attention – you won’t get shuffled around a big office

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