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How Do Workers' Comp Lawyers Get Paid?

How Do Workers' Comp Lawyers Get Paid?

How Do Workers' Comp Lawyers Get Paid? or

How Much Will My Workers' Comp Claim Cost Me?

Workers are usually represented by attorneys who are paid on the basis of a contingent percentage fee. The worker is not ordinarily required to pay any fee or monies when he or she hires the attorney.

Attorney fees are set and regulated by the state of Michigan. For settlements that involve a redemption hearing the attorney fees are 20% of the first $100,000 recovered, then 15% of anything over $100,000 if the case is actually litigated and then settled before trial. This is a based on the net amount of the settlement after expenses are factored out.

Expenses involve medical records, depositions, IME, vocational experts fees, court reporter fees, etc.)

So, if your injuries are clearly work-related, require extensive medical treatment, involve long periods of time off work, or result in permanent disability, call us directly or request a FREE CASE REVIEW.

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